Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My New Favorite Blog 2008, Round 2: Pairings 21-24

Here is the rest of the results for the upper bracket.

21. SlydesBlog.com vs. Present Simple
Slyde is in the mood to tell a story so tell a story he does. The first one is about how he was an ubergeek back in the day (when it was cool to be so geeky). And while at a convention he lost his long time buddy Earl only to find him sleeping, well what better way to wake up a bud then by beating him, so just as Slyde was about to pounce on the prone Earl the real Earl walks up and asks whats going on. It turns out that the convention had made a clone of Earl and it probably was a trap. Slyde made it out with his life. Also Slyde talks about pirate ships with escalators on them, and a hammer fight. Badaunt on Present Simple has been put in charge of handling the environment by a couple of six year old kids. The kids decided to take the initiative and clean a bush up from fishing line on the beach and then give the trash to the Environmental Chair to hold while they ride bikes. It is not clear what the kids wanted to do with the trash when they collected it.
Winner: SlydesBlog.com

22. Bug-Eyed Blog vs. Will o' the Wisp...
Earl on the Bug-Eyed blog gives us a rundown of the Sonic Youth and all thing musical. He also has posted an open letter to cat and dog lovers that help them figure out their place in the animal/human hierarchy. For instance, pets do not need to take up the whole bed when they sleep, and we already know how to use the bathroom so we don't need help while we are in there. Julie has started to create a virtual army of teddy bears using the newly released Sims 2 expansion Free Time. The expansion will ironically mean that many people all over the world will have less free time because of the game. She also comments that prisons are not fun places to go because 1 in 8 people are violently attacked while in prison. Well, I guess I'll take 'going to prison' off the list of things to do over Spring Break.
Winner: Bug-Eyed Blog

23. Intergalactic Gladiator vs. Steve's Nude Memphis Blog
On the tales of the Intergalactic Gladiator we find our hero stuck in South Dakota with a World War I era biplane flying overhead with guns blazing. luckily there was an FBI agent that was on a mission to protect (and arrest) that shot down the plane. But the mystery grows deeper because there is a radio buried in the dirt that might lead to a hideout. Steve Nude Memphis Blog may be a little less nude soon because his mother in law has been looking at houses in the area. But we all know that the mother in law is not looking at houses for herself to live in, she is looking at houses for her to move her stuff to move in to while she finds a way to move into Steve's house. "Your job" she will say to Steve "is to be less nude."
Winner: Steve's Nude Memphis Blog

24. Slapdashittery vs. Mimi says
Slpdashittery is in the middle of a move which means that he gets to find out how much it costs to replace a door that he smashed during a fight with the girlfriend. Also, he pulled a muscle in his shoulder and it actually sounds like he is enjoying the experience a bit too much. Mimi shares some nursery rhymes with us that would not pass the censor board if she was to say them on TV, so it is a good thing that she used the medium of the Blog to convey the rhymes. She also has been trying to figure out why some people act as twats, and her results show so far that most people aren't bad, they just make bad judgment calls.
Winner: Slapdashittery

Look for the second chance bracket results soon.


Julie said...

Thanks for having included me, and for the fun - best to you all.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...



Oh I've got one more chance?


B.E. Earl said...

Interesting to see how the rest of this plays out. The smart money is on Steve's blog.

Because it has "Nude" in the title, ya see.

white rabbit said...

I have 2 candidates for suitable winner but I keep quiet until the result so as not to influence the distinguised judge or cop an asbo ;)

Slyde said...

i'm on a roll! on a roll, i tells ya!

Natsthename said...

This means I have to update every day while you're doing this! ;)