Monday, March 03, 2008

My New Favorite Blog 2008, Round 2: Pairings 17-20

Lets get it on!

17. Quit Your Day Job vs. Fabulously Jinxed
Quit Your Day Job gives us a summary of the Award Winning* movie Ice Princess. As expected from such a marvelous cast and wonderful screenplay he was entertained the whole time and was completely immersed in the experience. He also reviewed the latest episode of Star Gate Atlantis. Apparently that show is about clones that get stuck in a hole. Over on the tales of the Fabulously Jinxed we hear of her argument about people not liking Obama because he lacks experience in the white house. I, like her, think that this is a poor argument because there have been many successful presidents that have not had experience before he got the job of president. She also talks about issues dealing with gays and civil rights, but I can't summarize it too much because she did a good job of being concise on her blog.
*By awards I mean people says that is sucks.
Winner: Quit Your Day Job

18. Leisure Pursuit vs. Who Said Life Wasn't Funny
If you are paying attention to American Idol you should be reading Leisure Pursuit. She is currently going over all the performances and talking about what she liked and didn't like. She is also making predictions about who is going to win... and then seems to be often wrong. I, however, am not paying attention to American Idol so I don't have too much to say about what I think of the performances. Elizibeth on Who Said Life Wasn't Funny has just finished a 32 year journey and is very happy where her life has gone. I assume that this means that it was her 32nd birthday, but it could also be that she has just gotten off of Gillian's Island, I think both theories are equally valid. Also she reminds us that brussel sprouts do not taste good.
Winner: Who Said Life Wasn't Funny

19. What Is Hip vs. The Bingo Caller Of Love
Don on What Is Hip is trying to game the system by posting a bunch of pictures of his cute dogs. However I can see right past those pictures and read the posts. He equates his work to watching a hurling match at a bar. And also has the advice to not listen to Iron Maiden. And... oh just look at that cute puppy... The Bingo Caller of Love was not so much about love because his wife(?) made him lose his rag and so he destroyed the kitchen table. At some point I have a feeling that we are talking different languages even though we are using the same words. Also he says that his bed weighs 300 kilos, which to me sounds not too bad... because of the change in the exchange rate recently 1 lb equals 10 kilos, right? So that bed is like 30lbs.
Winner: What Is Hip

20. I Have A Bomb Shelter And You Can't Use It vs. White rabbit
Limpy and his Bomb Shelter talks about Vermont and the wonders within, such as marble quarries and maple syrup. He also warns us not to go to antique dealers in Vermont. He then teases us all with talking about Alabama the the great plan to turn it into a Mad Maxx theme park, but he gets distracted by quitting his job and getting a new one. You still owe me Alabama Limpy! White Rabbit wrote a novel called White Rabbit that got some play with agents but never got published, then he wrote another book that did get published. Also he talks about the absurdity that abounds when asbos are [insert 'ab' word that means given out]. From what I can gather asbos are the government grounding it's citizens when they do something that the government doesn't like.
Winner: I Have A Bomb Shelter And You Can't Use It

Next pairings will be up tomorrow.


elizabeth said...


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badgerdaddy said...

And for the record, Iron Maiden are very, very nice people indeed. I used to edit a magazine they subscribed to, and they phoned up one day when we reviewed a DVD of theirs to speak with the guy that wrote the review and say thank you!

Bloody nice blokes.

limpy99 said...

I'd like to thank the Academy for this prestigious award, and will now name, idividually, all of the little people who made this poss-

-cue orchestra music-

limpy99 said...

By the way, this is pretty much the best idea ever. And I'm not saying that so much to brown nose as I am so that I don't get sued when I rip it off next year and try to pretend it's my own.

Kat said...


Callie said...

Yay for Limpy!

white rabbit said...

Turning bitter & twisted???


Nah ;)

Valerie said...

ah, darn. i admit i do get a little obsessed with the american idol stuff this time of year...oops!

Ookami Snow said...

Elizabeth- keep it up!

Badgerdaddy- Maybe I should review some Iron Maiden here...

Limpy- So you don't get sued if you say something is a good idea? I will have to try that if I get in trouble with the RIAA.

Kat- so who are you going for?

White Rabbit- Watch it, you are headed for a asbos for too many question marks used.

Valerie- I haven't watched it so I have know idea when it come to any of that stuff. It seems to me though that you put alot of thought and effort into the posts.

white rabbit said...

Say what you will about asbos Ookami Snow but they're the only qualification some of these young people get ;)