Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Drug tax

Last night I watched a show about St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Actually it was about the mob gangs of Chicago, which lead to the St. Valentines Day Massacre. If you don't know much about this here is how it went:
Back in the day Chicago was a blossoming city. The city leaders were very willing to be corrupt and so organized crime found the city a nice place to live. After awhile the organized crime boiled down to two gangs, the North Side and the South Side, which were named for what part of the city they controlled. Now the gangs were a menace, but it just so happened that around this time America went dry and voted in prohibition. This was a boon for organized crime. Both sides bought breweries, which could still legally produce beer, but very very week beer. But since the city officials were easy to corrupt the breweries produced full strength beer, and now the price of beer had increased by 5 times, so this made the money flow into the gangs. Anyways a sour deal between the gangs happed when one sold a brewery to another, and then they paid off the police to raid it, which landed up a higher up in jail. The result was alot of high level killings which climaxed when some guys went into one of their rivals HQ and shot seven people dead. That's the story of St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

Well, while I was watching the show I got to thinking about drugs. Really the only reason the Chicago gangs got so big is because alcohol was illegal, so only illegal people could make it. Now what about marijuana today? I think that it is giving the modern gangs a fair amount of cash flow that is fueling all of their activities. If we would legalize marijuana we could place a heavy tax on it, and the government could make a fair amount of money on it. Wouldn't you think that that would work?

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Braveharte said...

Yep... and in addition once the drug is legal it can be controlled. So you could make sure that your marijuana isn't laced with gasoline or only has certain amounts of bad stuff in it. If the taxes are high enough, use should be low. :) It all makes sense.