Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mexico, at war.

You know who we should be giving a hard time to? Mexico.
I had forgotten that they attacked America during World War I. Exhibit A:

From March-June 1916 the United States mounted an armed expedition to Mexico to quell raids initiated by prominent Mexican leader Pancho Villa into the U.S.
Allegedly sponsored by the German government Villa launched a raid into the State of Chihuahua on 11 January 1916, capturing and killing 19 U.S. citizens. This was followed on 9 March with a raid upon Columbus in New Mexico, killing 11 citizens.

(full story)

Why did Mexico attack us? Because Germany promised Mexico that if they would attack us that Germany would give Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona back to Mexico. (I have no idea how they would have pulled this off.)

We should use this against Mexico when we are working out trade deals.
We would be like "Well, this deal sounds good and all, but America is still not over Pancho Villa just yet. Maybe you should give us a break on those strawberry prices."

Also wouldn't it be funny if Mexico was still clandestinely at war with us and they are secretly infiltrating the US, and then gonna take us down from within...
oh wait.

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Anonymous said...

I just read a blurb from an Ozark newspaper, dated June, 1916. Talk from a general store about the campaign and the "Mexican situation" Ah, except for the general store we have come full circle--but this time they invaded and no one did anything!