Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sam does Telefund

When I got back from hockey practice last Monday Sam had left this message for me:

He went through every possible outcome on the flow chart for K-State's Telefund. This is easily the best telephone message that i have got so far this year. It is going to stay on the machine for awhile.


Aaron Brown said...

That's too funny, now the real question is, did he actually have your name on his call list, or did he reach out on his own? :)


Ookami Snow said...

He had me on his list since I graduated from the Stat Dept, and since people doing telefund call people that graduated in the dept. they are currently in.

Big Red Lance said...

Dude, so what happens if they say "Yes" again?

Wow, I should be getting a call
here soon. That's hilarious.