Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hockey, and Elway.

Another weekend, another hockey tournament. This will be our last weekend of regular season play, but we still will have hockey two of the next three weekends after this one. Although I like playing hockey it does take up alot of time. It'll be over soon enough and then I can concentrate on... school. (yippee!)
On the school front things are improving. I have started a rough outline for my master's report, and all the preliminary stat stuff is done. After I get a rough draft for my report done I will go back and do a couple things to try to improve the fantasy scoring system some. But I do not need to if I don't have the time, the scoring system I found is already better than Yahoo's and better than what we have used before for PIFF so I at least have something.

I will leave you with a video of John Elway playing Dance Dance Revolution:

Ok, it's not really him, it's me in an Elway jersey... but I think people get me and him mixed up alot.
Somebody is like: "Hello, how are you?"
And I am like: "Fine. Did you know that I won two Super Bowls back-to-back?"
And then they are like: "Really? That's cool that you did that."
And then I'm all: "No, you are thinking of John Elway, people confuse us all the time."
And they are all "???" up in my face.


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Big Red Lance said...

Ookami -- Will you guys be in action next weekend? I have some time off and would love to come up and watch.