Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Meade makes move from working on the farm to in the courts

Garden City Telegram (article)
The Telegram yesterday had a short story about Andy's mom.

While some may have butterflies in their stomachs on the first day of work, Linda Mead said that she was excited on that day - it was the act of deciding to get back into the workforce that made her nervous. She said she questioned going back to work outside of the farm because she wasn't sure if she was employable after being out of the daily grind for so long.

When Andy and I were going to the Juco Linda also decided to take some classes. She always seemed to enjoy learning things and she was fun to have a class with. (She brought donuts for everyone!) I do believe that she is one of the coolest moms ever.

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The Math Ninja said...

It was really weird to by in Philosophy with Andy, Rusty, and Linda.