Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Working on homework, watching the Postman, chilling the most. ^_^

The Postman is a pretty good movie, but they try too hard sometimes to make points.
Let's see, grouper is going strong (in the group is me aaron and chris). If you want to get in on the action let me know and we can get you added. The only downside to grouper is that you can not d/l music, just stream it, but transfers for files is twice as fast as BadBlue.

Today ive just been working on my final project (not the final fanal project) for Messy. It is hard cause we to not have examples of how to write SAS programs for this kind of data. grrr. When the movie gets over i'll run on down to school and run the programs. They will prob. all not work, but oh well.... After that BW3. Fun times.

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