Friday, December 03, 2004


well i gots 5min untill i got to head back to school, so lets have a chat.

How was your day so far? Oh thats good..... hummm... intresting.... really? I didn't know you could use cheese for that. ... My day? It's been fine so far, i woke up bright and early so that nicole could get to school on time for her meeting, so i had a good chunk of the morning to work on ye old home work. But first i thought it woud be nice to get the notes for Messy printed off... But slide files were in Word-stupid-perfict... so it took me an hour to get converted over from the one computer that can read word perfict, but cant print, to another computer that couldnt read word perfect but could print.... you wouldnt think it would take an hour, but word perfect is rather stupid. I still had a bit of time to work on homework before the *oh* looks like my time is up, so long story short: Got most of the homework done, went to class, got back, found out that *all* of my homework was done wrong (as well as everyone elses' was), so redid all my home work. Came home ate lunch, watched a show about half-life. cherrio.

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