Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A little post

before i head off to bed...

today was an ok day. I got my final final done for messy, so its finally finally done (^_^). Now i just got to get on the linear models stuff, cause that test is on wed. :P

Today was rather cold out, and will prob be the last day i goto school w/o my cap, my ears got too cold on the walk home.

Not much else to say, after I got done with my final my motivation was low so i didn't do much... oh yeah watched the new Screen Savers, its crap. They got 'hip' people to do it instead of 'nerdy' people. I used to love watching that show and going where they say to go on the internet. Now i can't stand to watch them. I want the old guys back....

ok off to bed i go, cause i have a big day of studying ahead of me (yippee!).

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