Monday, December 06, 2004

lets update this

shall we?

Let's see, what has gone on today? Linear models was boringer than normal. Came home played around for a bit, ate too much ramen for lunch, went to, what turned out to be, my last class of Messy.
Wed for that class we are going to get our final final project, which is due on Wed of finals week. But i still have the final project due for that class on Friday... two final projects but no final? deal.
So that leaves me trying to get both projects done by next monday so that on monday and tues i can study for my linear models final on wed. Not too bad.
Well, i think were gonna have lame practice tonight (no goalies, mucho people missing, just scrimmaging)... so i need to eat something to get ready for that. yippee.

Oh, its nice and cool and cloudy outside.

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