Sunday, December 12, 2004

Hive Palatine

Hive Palatine (site)

Here is the start of a good online project for necromunda... i really need to get my stuff typed up and all pretty so i can do/add to such things..

Anyways, this weekend:

Michelle showed up late Friday night, I didn’t see her then. She went with jenette and chris early to Lawrence, we (me and cole) met up with them at free state to eat some cheese soup for lunch. Then michelle left to go practice, and the rest of us wandered around mass. street for awhile. We bought some kangaroo jerky and went to newgen's. There we ordered Tryyaki (a Japanese fast food place, which wasn’t that bad) and played mario party 6. The game was fun, and has better mechanics than MP5. after that we went to go watch michelle (she said...) play at joe's b-day party. They were pretty good, and i would like to hear them in a studio. After her part of the show we all sans michelle went to newgen's and played GTA : San Andreas. Let me tell you, this is a great game. It has too much cussing, but the world is so vast it is just awesome. It is better than Vice City in every way. We played that for a couple of hours, then we headed over to the 2am hot spot of Perkins. The food there was bad (surprise, surprise) but it was still fun. We got done messing around at 4am, and we all headed back here. Got here around 5.30, and went to bed.
Today (sunday): woke up late, watched football, Andy came over and hung out for a bit, then we went to Chipotle... But Chipotle was closed :(, so we went to pat's. The food there was ok, but still nowhere as good as cox. Cox is the best BBQ anywhere. After that andy left to go back to Garden. We came back home and now i'm watching sunday night football.

Well i just wanted to give an update, when i get the pics from michelle's show d/led post some.

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