Saturday, December 18, 2004

fun day

it didnt start that way, but it ened with fun.

today started with me working on my final, which i had to get in today. After working on that for awhile i got it done, chris gave me a ride to school to drop it off and pick up jenette. After that we went to pizza hut with aaron. I got some cheese sticks and very sryurpy Dr.P. After that we went to Aarons and played San Andreas. May i remind you that it is a very good game. After that i came home picked up nicole, we went to jenette's and chris'. Aaron and amber came over, Amber gave up chocklote chip cookies and we watched nicole play the sims2. So it wasn't too bad of a day.

Now nicole is working on xmas cards, and i am gonna play on the computer a bit.

yay no more school!

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