Saturday, December 11, 2004


so i sitting here waiting for Jupiter sunrise to come on, so i thought i would update el blog.

Today has been very busy (again), to day i worked on my final final project, i got 7.5 out of 8 problems done, so not too much left to do. Which is good, but man i worked on it like all day :P.

Went to the panera for dinner (skipped lunch) which was a good break. I got a steak sandwich and steak salad, they both were pretty good.

Michelle is on her way up (and should be here any minute now...). She is coming up to play at Joe's B-day party with She Said... So we are all gonna head up to Lawrence to go watch that and play in the city. Maybe i can pick up some xmas gifts, because we are way behind on shopping for that...

Well Jupiter Sunrise should be on soon, so i am going to leave now. You should check out, its a nifty site, look at their calendar to see when they have live shows... then watch them ^_^.

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