Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Anything But Joey show at PJ's

This post is long over due...

Last Friday Nicole, Jenette, Michelle and I went to the Anything But Joey show here at PJ's. (Amber went to it too, but she did 'go' with us...) After quite a long wait the rockin' began with a band called National Fire Theory:

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They weren't too bad, but nothing special...

Next up was The Famed:

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They rocked like a monkey eating a banana (which i believe is a good thing, according to Cambodian customary culture). If you notice at the end of the video clip the lights go out and the music stops, that’s because they blew a fuse..., it took them about 10 seconds of playing to do that. They rocked that hard. ^_^

Next up was Stuck on Broadway:

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Normally these guys are pretty good, but Drew was drunk by this time so he sang off key during many of the songs. They were good, but not as good as usual.

Last up was Anything But Joey:

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By this time Drew was quite drunk, so they had to stop between each song to let Drew drink some water, or find a guitar pick, or stumble around for a minute. Luckily Brian and Grobe are good enough on their own that even a slurring Drew couldn't mess up the songs... that much.

All in all it was a rocking good time, and you should have been there (if you weren’t).

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