Friday, October 28, 2005

Last discing of the year.

This evening we went out to the campus to play one last round of disc golf before it gets too cold/the sun sets too early. We had a grand old time playing, we didn't keep score and by the time we finished it was pretty dark outside. Some strange things happened while we played today which brings me to a riddle.

How do you lose something but still know exactly where it is?

Jenette's answer: When you throw a disc into a campus light fixture.

We have hit them many times, but who would have guessed that Jenette had the muscle to actually get hers to break the light?

The other strange thing from today’s game is that i broke my disc... i threw it into a tree in it cracked pretty good... it still flies fine though, so i will still use it.

But yeah, we had a good time playing today. ^_^

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