Friday, October 28, 2005

Brother travels from Thailand to help with kidney transplant (article)

The Garden City Telegram ran a story about Somary's mom Wednesday about her search for a kidney. I really hope that it turns out ok for her mom. It is a very brave thing for her mom's brother to come over here to see if indeed he can donate his kidney, because *at best* he will lose a kidney, as in, that is the best outcome of him coming over... that is kinda scary to think about. Anyways, here is a chunk from the article:

A brother's love for his sister was so great that he flew halfway around the world to save her life.
Panya Dukham, Thailand, had never been on a plane before, or to the U.S., but this was an emergency.
His sister, Morn Vilaysing, Garden City, has renal kidney failure and needs a kidney transplant. Her husband, Roger, wasn't a match and Morn didn't want to ask her children.
So she turned to her siblings, all of which live in Thailand.

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