Friday, October 07, 2005

Taco yeah.

What if all the tacos everywhere in the world decided to riot? There would be lettuce all over the streets because, as is always the case, the first thing to go when a taco moves is the lettuce, ...well... tomatoes would be right up there are well. So the streets would be covered in lettuce and tomatoes, not good. Assuming, *assuming*, we can beat the taco uprising, we will have quite a mess on our hands with all the lettuce around. I propose we release rabbits to clean up the streets, not jackrabbits mind you, I am talking about those freaking huge pet rabbits that just sit around all day. Now, why would I use big pet rabbits instead of jackrabbits? Well, I have a theory that rabbits are like gold fish, and if you give them a bigger cage they grow bigger... so if we let the rabbits run free eating all the veggies from the Taco Riot of Ought-five (as it would soon be called), they *should* grow big enough to ride, and hoo-rah, no more dependence on forgiven oil. (Although we would have to endure regular taco riots, but I am prepared to deal with that to stick it to the oil barons.)

...And that’s what happens when I write about the first thing that comes into my head. (And I thought I had nothing to post about ^_^)