Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Need a reason to hate lawyers for today?

Andrea Levin is grateful that Broward County schools care about her daughter's safety. But this year when they posted a sign that demanded "no running" on the playground, it seemed like overkill.
"To say `no running' on the playground seems crazy," said Bartleman, who agreed to be interviewed on a recent outing at Everglades. "But your feelings change when you're in a closed-door meeting with lawyers."

How about instead of making school the solution to bad parenting and a place where kids can learn as long as they might not get hurt (either emotionally or physically), we make parents sign wavers so the school can't be sued for their kids mistakes.

Then if the parents don't want to let their kids live their lives they can home school them.

I am tired of stupid people.

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