Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Old mp3 songs for Sept.

In my attempt to keep you, the reader, up to date with my life, I will now give you the songs that were on my mp3 for September:

Faint Linkin Park
Girls Like U Anything but Joey
Know It All Dog And Everything
Pump It Black Eyed Peas
Walkie Talkie Man Steriogram
Football is Coming Home Hermes House Band
Grand Theft Autumn Fall Out Boy
Saturday Night Thunderbolt Ludo
One Anything but Joey
September Girl Jupiter Sunrise
Katamari on the Rock Katamari Soundtrack
Why Georgia John Mayer
(Track 6) Rookie of the Year
Switch Place XOC
(Track 9) Rookie of the Year
El Salvador Athlete
Spin Around Josie and the Pussycats
Brown Eyed Girl Everclear

Song most listened to: Know It All
Song most skipped: Faint
Song i like more than when i put it on: Know It All
Song i like the least since putting it on: Faint
Best song of the bunch: Grand Theft Autumn

And now to add some good fall songs to my mp3 player.

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