Sunday, October 16, 2005

JibJab's legal threats over the use of 9 seconds of their video

Boing Boing (blargticle)

Jim sez, "WFMU's 'Beware of the Blog' has an entry up about JibJab's hypocrisy: although they, with help from the EFF, took shelter in the First Ammendment to defend themselves from a suit over their use of 'This Land is Your Land', they're now doing the exact same thing to a website that uses 9 non-contiguous seconds of their work in another project. I guess things are different when you can afford lawyers."

The good news is that JibJab was able to use a full copyrighted song, for commercial profit, and not have to pay to use it...
The bad news is that the JibJab guys are retards.

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