Monday, October 31, 2005

Yesterday we all (same as the previous 'we all' minus Maria) traveled up to Omaha to play an exhibition game for hockey. We played alright as a team, and we defiantly are better than last year, which is a good thing. After the game we went to Outback to eat dinner with some of Aaron's family that came down to watch the game. We ended up staying at Outback for a long time (more than two hours) just talking about stuff. It was a good trip although it renewed my dislike for the state of Nebraska... nice people, but very bad roads.


morEya said...

I heard the rink kinda sucked... but despite of that I heard that you guys still did really good! Nice job!

Big Red Lance said...

Did you win?

BTW, Nebraska rules!!!!!!!

Ookami Snow said...

They kept track of the score, but I never found it out, I think that they scored more goals, but I don't know. It was just more for fun, and we ended up playing 4 periods.

Yeah that Nebraska thing... there must be something that I am missing, cause from what I can see, not so good.