Monday, October 10, 2005

Ludo update.

Ludo has recently released their second CD, and of what I have heard from it, it rocks. The song "Save Our City" is nothing short of a masterpiece (check it out here, click on the second song, although all the songs there are good.) The basic premise of the song is that zombies are attacking a city and a boy is begging the mayor of the city for help. If you do nothing else in the next 15 seconds you should click on the link and listen to the song.
No really.

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hockeyfrog said...

Ninja Service Announcement: As a member of the Lu-Dojo, I must inform you that there is a show at PJs on Nov 9, with The Famed.

You should be there.

And despite being a ninja, I have to say that SOC still irritates me. Everyone else seems to love it though. The album as a whole is good from what I've heard of it. I'm too poor to have shelled out to get the pre-release.. but yeah.