Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The 15 Nations of the Pirate Islands

So what did I do last night? I made flags, flags for all.

First is Sparrow Island (Andy). I think that this is one of my favorite flags. It is fashioned after the design of the Solomon Islands flag, using the colors that I used for his fantasy football helmet.

Next we have Svinksland (Davin). I followed the patteren of Scandinaivian flags for this one. Again I used the colors from the fantasy football helmits that I made.

Here is Tea Republic (mine). The original design came from the rugby shirt that I bought for Game Olympics from a couple of years back. It was a pretty simple flag to make.

Next is Tsukestan (Pickle). I loosely based this flag off of Greenland’s flag. I really wanted to have green as a dominate color, but still keep it separate from Snotvia’s white and green, so I added some black. The center oval symbolizes the Pickles that are abundant in Tsukestan.

Snotvia's (Nicole) flags was made by Nicole. She modeled it after the Macedonian flag (she just changed the colors). It is green, like snot, and white like ...via.

Schizouania's (Rhonda, my mom) flag was made by my mom. You see, everyone in Schizouania is crazy, so they see their own flag in the white field. This was the easiest flag to make.

Scotslandi’s (Julia) flag was made to look like Scotland’s flag. I couldn't get it to look right, so I alternated the orange and blue fields, and I think it turned out well.

Pirataly's (Michelle) flag was designed my Michelle. It was based off of Italy's flag with more piratey colors added, and a skull, you need the skull. This was a pain to make, but I think it turned out very well.

Rzanistan's (Rzan, or Ryan depending on how cool you are) flag was modeled after Uzbekistan's flag. It is a very simple flag, but I think it turned out real well. Again I used the colors from the fantasy football helmets that I made.

Futontopia's (Newgen) flag was designed by Newgen, while he was on drugs... or something... with that swirly thing and all. Actually, since this was one of the last flags that I made it went quickly, even though there was some technically difficult things to do on it.

Harbor Coast's (Lance) flag was the only flag that I did twice. The first one did not turn out real well, so after making a couple others, I went back to work on it. I added black to the flag which helped in giving it some weight. I didn't really model the flag off of any country, but it turned out like Trinidad and Tobago's. Oh well...

Nettethuania's (Jenette) flag was designed by Jenette off of her shirt that she bought for a jersey for the Game Olympics from a few years ago. This is the National flag for the country; they also have a battle fla,g which has a guy riding a tractor on it, a battle tractor.

Grog Islands' (Chris) flag was designed by Chris. The XXX are representative of Gorg, and I think the colors are loosely based off of his national jersey, although I am not totally sure about this. This flag was actually more complicated to make that it looks.

Kreplachistan’s (Aaron) flag was designed by Aaron using the design on his national rugby jersey as inspiration. I made this flag awhile ago, when I was just messing around.

Finally we have Ambersandia’s (Amber) flag. This is the only flag that I would not say is ‘official’. She has already made her own flag, but it is impossible to made in Illustrator, and after about an hour of trying to get the swirls to look un-stupid, I abandoned the attempt, and made her a new flag. The flag is based off of Abkhazia's flag, with the colors changed to match the fantasy football helmet that I made for her team. The 21 pointed star is representative of Peter Forsberg, of the Colorado Avalanche fame, so you know the flag must rock.

So there you have it, one full night of work. I threw all of the flags together and put them on some stuff at CafePress, the store is called Pirate Islands. Some of the stuff turned out pretty good, especially the large poster (it is almost two feet tall!).

Anyways, if you have any suggestions, complaints or comments about the flags let me know. But, for me, I am gonna head off to bed.


The Math Ninja said...

I think they look great Shann! We should buy a shirt and a poster. Woo hoo. Go Snotvia.

Peach said...

Very cute! Tsukestan is my favorite.

hockeyfrog said...

Verah nice, except, if I can fashion the real Ambersandia flag, do you want me to send it to you? :D I messed with it for awhile myself in illustrator and got really frustrated myself :D

Ookami Snow said...

Sure, I would like an .ai file of it though so that for future stuff I can go back to it to do things.

But I would still like to have at least a .jpg of your flag as well.

The flag I made could be a second flag (a "Sunday flag"?), or whatever.

Aaron Brown said...

Kickbutt, btw the Golf/Polo shirt of all the flags look like it has military bars on it. Like the tour-of-duty ribbons thingies than officers wear on their dress uniforms. :)

Probably gonna buy some stuff w/my next paycheck, cause those are cool, both the individual nations and the Pirate Islands stores :)