Friday, July 29, 2005

Spreadshirt sucks!

Do not shop at spreadshirt.

Why? Look at the post below this one, they decided to comment spam me. Was it one of my readers impressed by their service and wanted to let me know that spreadshirt is better than CafePress? No, it is spreadshirt writing the comment, probably after googleing CafePress. At least they said that they were the company leaving the comment, right? Nope, they left their name as bart, but if you click on the name you go directly to their web site.

In summary, speardshirt uses dirty, underhanded practices to promote their site, and therefore should be avoided. I have contacted them to tell them that I did not appreciate them using my blog as and advertising board, and I said that I will campaign against their company until they apologize here.

On a different note I am about to head on out to Colorado, so once again I will be posting about once a day. But there should be some good pictures up at some point. Rock on!

p.s. Speardshirt sucks.

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Lukasz said...

Hello, here are the apologies from spreadshirt. Bart is an intern at spreadshirt EU, his real name is Bartosz. I asked him to comment some articles on blogs about other T-shirt sites.

I think generally it's o.k. to do this when one does it in an , uhm, a little more honest way that makes it clear that the commentator is an company representative and not talking bad about the competition.

So, even a phrase like 'use spread instead of XYZ' is not acceptable. Spreadshirt ist just one other service, we have some advantages and also some disadvnateges compared to other players in this market.

So you are right in being upset. Pls. take our honest apologies for the poor post.

CEO spreadshirt EU