Sunday, July 17, 2005

APFL Championship Game

Kansas Koyotes vs Iowa Blackhawks

By the time the game started the arena was pretty full.

Both teams played the first quarter to a 3-3 tie.

Going into halftime the Koyotes were able to put up a one score lead.

The Blackhawks fought back, but by the start of the fourth quarter they were down 15-9.

The Koyotes were able to hold on to a lead of 23 - 16 with one minute left to go in the game. The Blackhawks drove down the field and on fourth down with 17 seconds to go they ran this play.

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Now being one point down with 11 seconds to go the Blackhawks decided to gamble and go for two, if the convert they will be up by one, if they fail they will in effect lose the game. The ball is snapped...

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Now there is only 11 seconds to go. The Koyotes are down by one and the Blackhawks have to kick it off. They do a squib kick which the return man for the Koyotes fumbles for a second, but he is able to regain his footing and returns the ball to the 20 yard line. With two seconds to go the Koyotes must attempt a field goal, if they make it they win the Championship, if they miss it they lose. It all comes down to this kick.

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On the Blackhawks side there were many tears, they had come so close to not only beat the Koyotes, but to also beat them in the championship game. They put forth a great effort, and had proven that they are a team that can call themselves equals to the Koyotes (If it wasn’t for a last second field goal, they would have won).

And the Koyotes claimed their third straight APFL title (this was the first time that they actually had to try though).

I do have to say that it was the best game of APFL football that I have ever seen. The Blackhawks played a great game and it was unfortunate that either team had to lose, since you could see that both teams wanted to win so badly. I think that the Koyotes event staff actually put on a very good show as well, as there always seemed to be excitement in the air, probably also having to do with the very large group of fans that came to support the Blackhawks. I think that it is easy to say that it was the best game in the APFL's short history.
I am glad that it looks like there will be four strong teams next year (Koyotes, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wichita, who was able to put together a great second half of the season). Along with the Minutemen, if another couple of strong teams join the league for next year there will be no doubt that the APFL win not be ignored as a legitimate minor league.
Next year the Koyotes must, once again, step up their game to keep on top of their competition. I am sure the other teams are already planning for next year on how to beat the unbeatable team from Topeka., what a game.... ^_^

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