Friday, July 15, 2005

We got to the baseball game just as the opening stuff was going on. It was a very nice day for a baseball game, and besides the uncomfortable seats the game was fun to watch. The Wrangles ended up losing the game 6 to 4 but they hit a couple homeruns in the 7th inning to make the end of the game interesting. It was a good time.
After the game we went over to the office to pick up my car, which we hadnt driven since we got into town because it was overheating. We than all headed up to ARSIs owners (Kecia) house, which Nicole�s mom is house sitting for the week while Kecia is out of town. Unfortunately the car overheated again as we on the way there, so when we got to the house Jerry had a look at it. He quickly diagnosed that my thermostat was closed shut, and that if we didn�t fix it we would blow a hose when we drove back home. So Jerry and I started to dismantle my car. After unscrewing many, many things we were finally able to get to the thermostat, and sure enough, it had jammed itself closed. Since it is impossible to fix such things we went to Auto Zone to pick up a new one. Fortunately it only cost $10 to buy everything that we needed to fix the car. So when we got back to the car we unscrewed the last of the things that we need to get undone so that we could replace the thermostat, but to our dismay they had given us the wrong thermostat. And by that time it was too late to go back to Auto Zone, so we headed inside to play around in the house.

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