Friday, July 01, 2005

War of the Worlds – Reviewed

Today I saw War of the Worlds. Now I will give you a review, but it is going to be extremely difficult since I do not what to give away what happens. First off, it was a very good movie. I thought that everything from the acting to the story to the effects were superb. The movie, I think, does a real good job of showing mob mentality, and what would happen if society was collapsing from something like that. Also, the random other people encounters are done very well and are believable, but at times a little bit predictable. Lastly, the ending is believable and not all “happy happy we won” like other earth invading movies that came out around Independence Day...

I think that this movie was well worth $5.50, and even $7.50 for a night showing. It is the first all around good movie that I have seen for awhile (Star Wars does not count). If you need something to do this weekend, go watch War of the Worlds, you won’t be disappointed.

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