Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Just to hold you over...

I am very impressed with the fireworks setting on my camera, I took many pictures last night, and the reason that some of them didn�t turn out was because they were not centered properly, which is my fault, I watched the show and rested the camera on my chest and guessed where the explosion would be (I didn�t want to miss the show by taking pictures of it). But almost all of the pictures turned out. Bravo!

Anyways, this one turned out very well for being a very dim firework (the blue ones never seem as bright, let�s work on that fireworks guys). I thought that I would share it since I might not get to post a full update until much later (tonight we have BW3 and then the first night of Game Olympics).

p.s. America is the best country on the Earth. ^_^

update: You might need to enlarge the picture to see that it actually came out good...

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