Monday, November 21, 2005

Hockey and whatnot.

Hockey went fine. On Saturday we kicked off the weekend playing Truman, who we lost to 10-1. Next we played SLU. Yeah that sucked. We lost 10-0 in the worst performance of the season (not score-wise mind you, I mean we all played pretty crappely (Crappely: the –ly form of the word crap. Def: to perform as good as crap looks. Example: K-State played Crappely against SLU on Saturday). After the game we all headed back to the motel where we had a pizza party furnished by Zack’s parents for is 19th birthday. Zack’s parents are some of the nicest people I have met (Zack’s pretty cool too). After some pizza-ing Nicole, Jenette, and I headed up to our room and we watched the Oregon/Oregon State game and then went to bed.
On Sunday our first game was against SIU-Carbondale. We lost to them 4-2, but if we would have been sharper we should have been able to beat them. Ironically this game, which is the closest game of the season for us, so far, was the most frustrating game. We didn’t play bad, but we should have played better. After the SIU game we played SLU again, we ended up losing 7-1 but the game was *much* closer than the score, and we almost played better than they did. (Seriously it is amazing how we don’t get bounces. If the puck gets deflected by someone else it always goes in the net, if we deflect it, it bounces around a bit and lands behind the goalie, somehow without crossing the line. Grrrr.)
We were out of St. Louis by 12.30 and we made it to Lawrence by 5 or so. There we met up with Newgen and ate at Montana Mike’s for dinner. It is actually a pretty good place to eat at, and you get more than enough food there.
The rest of the weekend was uneventful, and we ended up going to bed rather early last night.
Today I have been grading tests from the morning until 2.30 this afternoon. (Aaron stopped by Radina’s and at brunch with me.) The tests went good overall and I had more A’s than any other grade on it.
Now I am tired and I think I’m gonna head home soon.
So there.


hockeyfrog said...

Psst - its "crappily" but I digress.

Sorry to hear that hockey went so crappily though. Hopefully the next few games won't go so badly. Hopefully winter break won't get everyone rusty. I have a feeling that all the questions tomorrow night at trivia are going to be about stats and Japan, and you won't be there :( The rest of us will just have to make up for it I suppose! If I don't get a chance to talk to you before you leave, I hope you and Nicole have a great turkey day!

Big Red Lance said...

Sorry about the hockey. Still, I'm glad to hear that your students are doing well. They are lucky to have a good teacher like you.