Monday, November 14, 2005


It's not even 8 and I am up (and at school). :P

Actually it is of my choosing. I decided to get up with Nicole this morning so that I can get my reports graded, and what better place to do that then at Radina's? So if you are in the Manhattan area I will be at Radina's from 8 - 12 (and possibly later) today. Stop on by and have a chai with me.

(‘Chai’ must be a newfangled word because Word doesn’t have it in the dictionary, although it apparently does have ‘newfangled’…)


hockeyfrog said...

Its because Chai isn't proper English. (Its Indian.)

Ookami Snow said...

But croissant is in Word's dictionary, and it is French.

hockeyfrog said...

Which was assimilated into the language a long time ago. I can honestly say that 5 years ago I had never heard of chai. *shrugs*

Ookami Snow said...

So it is a newfangled word then.