Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thanksgiving Recap

Since last time....

On Saturday my dad and his girlfriend came down to Garden from Colorado for Thanksgiving at my mom's house. (Shadow came as well)

After a very good second thanksgiving lunch a couple of us went out into the front yard to play football for a bit. Although I was outnumbered I was able to still cover both Bredon and Trevor fairly handily. (I think it was solely due to my will to win :D )

After just hanging out at the house for the afternoon, Andy came over and we went out to meet the one and only El Charro. (Let me tell you he makes a real good burrito.)

After El Charro a couple of us went over to Andy's go sit around the fire bowl that he had in his backyard. Let me tell you, they are very nice to have on a chilly evening. (I'm not really sure what is up with Jenette in this picture.. but I think it is making Nicole and El Charro laugh.)

We were out at Andy's until midnight, so when we got back we just went to bed.
Today, after a traditional Sunday lunch (roast), we all left to come back home to beat the storm. It looks like we left at the right time, just before it started to snow in Garden, but we were able to miss the tornados that they had up here around Manhattan. When we got here Nicole and I ate pizza.

So in conclusion: I had a good Thanksgiving.


Michelle said...

hehe i like the one of you and brenden. and el charro. mmmmmmm el charro...

Chris said...

I prefer to be called "The El" or, if you like, just "El."