Monday, November 28, 2005

THE Jones Soda 2005 Holiday Pack Review

*Update - I have a new review over the 2006 Jones Soda Holiday pack, check it out*

So about two weeks ago at Target I had a grand idea: "Hey let's get that Jones Soda Holiday Pack and have it for Thanksgiving." Well Thanksgiving came, and we tried the sodas.
This is what we think about them. (Warning this post is video heavy, so if your computer is stuck in the 90's, i.e. you have dial-up, you will not enjoy this post as much as the rest of us in the 21st century.)

The fateful day had arrived, Thanksgiving was here and Jones Soda wanted to crash the party. They look innocent enough in the packaging don't they?

Well for some reason we decided to try the worst ones first and work our way towards the good ones... So first up was the Brussels Sprout with Prosciutto soda. This Nicole trying it:

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Now if you listen closely to the end of the clip you can actually hear me gagging on the soda (we all tried the soda at the same time).

So what did everyone else think of the Brussels Sprout with Prosciutto soda? (p.s. look at Maria's face)

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Well with the worst (?) behind us we ventured onto the Turkey and Gravy soda. Nicole's mom had the honors of being recorded for this one.

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I think that "Oh my God" means that she likes it.

By this time I gave up both trying to video and trying the sodas at the same time, mainly because my gag reflex was making it very difficult to hold the camera steady.
Pressing on we tried the Wild Herb Stuffing soda next. So Maria is it good?

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Is that a no?

Ok, so the three bad ones were done. That's good. Next up we tried the Pumpkin Pie soda.

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The bad thing is, I think "That's like really bad Jell-O" is a complement for it, because I think, so far all the other reviews have been "puke". Nicole, any additional thoughts?

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So is that half a star out of four?

Well finally we came to the one soda that couldn't miss, Cranberry soda. Unfortunately by this time even the smell of carbonation was associated with wanting to hurl, but we forged ahead.

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Do we have a winner? The comment of "That one is not *that* bad." I think gives it the title of the "best" soda from the pack. Congratulations Cranberry Soda you win!

So to recap:

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So if you are in the mood for some "yucky fun" go ahead and pick up the Jones Soda 2005 Holiday Pack. You won't be disappointed.


hockeyfrog said...

They never should have given up the Green Bean Casserole soda.

And by that I mean... Jones Soda? Go back to making just random concoctions, not what we're actually eating, please :)

(I'm still feeling nauseated from the candy corn soda)

Summer said...

That is exactly what my family looked like when trying that gag-worthy stuff. It was like, "This is fun -- no, weird -- no, NASTY!"

We started with the BSwP, too... It was the worst. I would probably drink Cranberry again.

The secret is to hold your nose. Then again, doing that removes the "bouquet" of the fine soda.

Ookami Snow said...

I did not smell a single one of them. I knew if i did i wouldn't have tried them...

That was a mistake, from now on i will use my nose to tell me what to put in my mouth.

The Report said...

You guys' look like the time my friend saw tubgirl for the first time. If you dont know what tubgirl is deem yourself lucky, if you have seen it god bless your soul and I offer my sincerest form of apology.

Bully said...

You're right! The cranberry is best. It's obviously the most natural of soda flavors. I liked the turkey too though--you just have to try not to think consciously that "this tastes like gravy". Tough, I know!

Brussels sprout (why is it not called "brussel sprouts"?) was pretty awful. The herb and sage one was just kind of indistinct. Pumpkin pie: a little sweet for me.

Did you try the Hallowe'en Jones Sodas from Target? They had Caramel apple (not bad, very sweet) and candy Corn (disgusting neon yellow color, overpoweringly sickly). They were packaged cleverly in tiny undersized cans. Great for just taste-testing (these sodas really weren't meant for you to drink a whole heapin' glass) or for giving out as Halloween treats.

I want Marshmallow Peeps soda for Easter!

Your taste-testing videos were great! Well done!

The Math Ninja said...

It was gross, for sure. But I'm glad we did it. It was a good laugh. Pretty funny.

Aaron Brown said...

Too funny. I'm wiping the tears off my eyes from laughing so hard while watching these videos. I'm not laughing at anyone but more like a laughing in joy, that I wasn't a guniea pug, err taste tester for these sodas :)

I feel your pain.


Irene said...

That was definately a memorable experience for me. I cant believe I even tried it after smelling the brussell sprout soda, almost gagged and yet I still actually put in in my mouth and SWALLOWED. I'd imagine my dog's poop wouldn't taste much worse, or smell much worse. Ah the things us humans do for .. fun? So when do we taste roasted ham, salad or broccoli?

morEya said...

The brussel sprout was my favorite. As you can tell in these video clips, I enjoyed each one of them. Thank you Jones, you're my hero.

punkydew said...

You seem like a VERY fun guy. I enjoy your blog. My sister gave my brother a thing of Jones Holiday sodas that year, also. We drank, and spit out the sodas quickly. I wish we had of recorded it. It was insane, and much more gross than I thought it could be.

-Marianne :)