Wednesday, November 09, 2005

PlayStation 3 Blocks Used Game Use

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The PS3 is going to be the coolest gaming system ever (until the PS4). And there is no way that I am not gonna get one when they first come out. There is nothing that will stop me...

In related news, rumour flared overnight that the PlayStation 3 would prevent the use of used software, with technologies patented by SCEI’s Ken Kutaragi and team set to read, store and delete security codes on a per-disc, per machine basis.
Registered with Japan’s patent office, the concept would see each game disc individually encoded. Upon being played for the first time, the host hardware would store then delete from the disc the security codes required for registering the software with the console.

No wait... not being able to buy used games, or even play my games on someone else's system? That would stop me from getting one.

Hint for Sony: Don't be stupid!

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