Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Turkey Break

A couple of fun games for your Thanksgiving break:

FreshGames: FreakOut online (game)

Freak out is a “black out” style game where you divide the board up tring to clear off they playing field when there are balls bouncing all around. It is quite fun and adds a couple of twists to the old game play.

FreshGames: Cubis 2 online

Cubis 2 is an update to the old game Cubis. The game play is simple and fun where you try to get three cubes of the same color touching. Cubis 2 has many different types of Cubes to use which make the game fun to play.

Both games are good time wasters. Just what you need, I know. ^_^


The Math Ninja said...

393,160 finished level 20.
(Freak Out)

The Math Ninja said...

204,815 I also finished Cubis.

The Math Ninja said...

270,985 Cubis