Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cheese Graters

I am sorry, but the internet has been boring for the past couple of days and I have been actually doing alot of work. This means that this post will have to be about boring things:

There are three kinds of cheese graters in America.
The first type is a flat surface that has ridges punched or cut out of them so that when you slide the cheese over the grates they will catch the cheese and thus shred it. (example)
These second kind is much like the first but is able to be stood up on end and usually has multiple faces that have different sizes of hole to shred the cheese with. This is thought to be the most widely used type of cheese grater in America. (example)
The third type of cheese grater is the food-processor type. The user places the cheese in a bin which has blades, that when turned o, slice the cheese up into small pieces. This is not really grating the cheese, but it still accomplishes the same goal. (example)

Yup, that about summarizes how interesting the internet has been lately.
p.s. if you site the above information in a paper i will give you something; something better than a cheese grater.

edit: Oh crap i forgot to include the type where a person puts cheese in a bin, then the user uses a plunger to press the cheese against a rotating cylinder that has grates on it. The cheese is then forced through the rotating cylinder and out the side of the grater. This style of cheese grater has been rising in popularity recently. (example)