Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The state of K-State football

So now that we are two weeks into the season how do things look for K-State football? Well, surprisingly I have the same feelings about them now than I did at the start of the year. Those feelings are a since of hope, with a slight twitch of impending doom. With this being Prince's first year of coaching I didn't really have too high of hopes for the team, be we do have a good core of young players to build on. But with the news that Dylan Meier would be the starting quarterback almost all hope of a good season was dashed, especially after seeing his performance over the first game.
Fortunately, this last weekend he was good more times than he was a dork, and coupled with Clayton being back in the line-up we put together a good game. Now I know that FAU is 118 out of 119 in the NCAA power rankings, but we still had our timing down and we didn't mess up the easy plays like we did in the first week.
So will K-State go to a bowl game? Let's look at the schedule:

Illinois St. - Won
Florida Atlantic - Won
Marshall - 75% Win
Louisville - 5% Win
at Baylor - 65% Win
OK State - 55% Win
Nebraska - 20% Win
at Missouri - 25% Win
Iowa State - 45% Win
at Colorado - 75% Win
Texas - 10% Win
at Kansas - 60% Win

So if the Cats win all the games that I think they have a good shot at they should go 6-6 and get a bowl bid because they travel well to bowl games. It is possible that we will finish 3rd in the Big XII North (Missouri and Nebraska will be one and two), and so the bowl we goto should be somewhat decent.

I think overall things are looking up for K-State football. We are not good enough to be a big player this year, or even next, but I think within the next three to five years we should be back in the top 20 and playing for the Big XII title.

Now only if I can find a way to keep our basketball team from being good so that I don't have to hear about that "sport" all the time...


Big Red Lance said...

I had my doubts about Kansas State at first, but they at least showed they can roll somebody up last week. They're better during Week 2 this year than they were last year during Week 2.

They'll beat Marshall and OK State at home. Three others they have a definite shot at are @ Kansas, @ Colorado, @ Baylor and (believe it or not) @ Missouri. They haven't lost to Mizzou in quite a while. Besides, Mizzou sucks the big one (totally unbiased factual opinion).

But they have two sure tail-whippings coming up:
1. @ Nebraska - fo shizzle
2. vs. Louisville - They've been murdering everyone.

They will play closer than people expect vs. Texas, but they'll still lose.

Michelle said...

I just want to beat ku in basketball again, keep all those mouths quiet.