Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Million Dollar Idea

I had a really good idea on the way to Radina's this morning. Why don't golf courses place an extra green by the place why you normally tee off and then on every other week have everyone play the course backwards? this would give people a reason to get out every week so that they can play the course each direction.

...If you use this idea in a golf course could you please give me a percent of your earnings (say 3~4%)? I am tring to earn 22 million dollars as quickly as possible by posting good ideas on this blog...

1 comment:

Aaron Brown said...

Dude that's a great idea! Kinda like how the Rec does running backwards every other day, but way awesome-er! :)

PS - Shannon will most likely use the $22 million for good or for awesome, ie building KSU Roller Hockey a stadium/building, etc.