Friday, September 22, 2006

Sushi at the Union

The Collegian had a full page article about the new sushi that Panda Express has at the union. Most of the page was filled with pictures, but there was a review too. Here is an excerpt:

We picked up the California Roll, which is an Americanized version of sushi made with crab, avocado and cucumbers.

As we sat down at a sunny table in the dining area of Bosco Student Plaza, we looked at the $4.99 package of sushi we had bought.

I must admit, it looked pretty with the six sushi arranged around some festive blades of grass (to add color, I suppose).

The sushi rolls were moist - perhaps a bit too moist, as they fell apart in my mouth. There also was a bit too much rice wrapped around the sushi, and the taste of sesame seeds was overpowering.

The crab in the middle of the sushi roll was questionable; it tasted like imitation crab meat. The avocado also tasted a bit funny; it left an unusual aftertaste in my mouth.

Next to the sushi rolls on the plate was a piece of thin, pink meat that smelled vaguely fishy. My guess would be salmon, except that when I bit into it, it tasted like a jar of pepper.

The only explanation I've come up with is that someone filled a jar to the top with black pepper, poured it all over the phantom pink meat and then left it in a dank cave for several hours. Strange.

The comment I left on the article:

Worst article ever.

Why does somebody that has no idea what he is talking about placed in charge of writing a review?

That "salmon meat" is pickled ginger and is meant to cleanse the palate between rolls. And of course it is imitation crab meat in the California roll... that is what a California roll is...

If I was in charge of Panda Express I would be very mad that I got a bad review by somebody that had no knowledge of the product.

I have tried the sushi at the Union, and I found it to be ok, it wasn't great, but it was on par for the price.

Geez. Next let's have somebody that has never watched football before to review our game against Louisville this weekend. (How that would go: and then for some reason the purple guys threw the ball in the air instead of running it into the pile of the other guys... Overall this game was boring and I was unimpressed that K-State did not score three goals in the first period.)


Big Red Lance said...


Excellent quotes. I'm no culture vulture, but gee whiz, you think they'd have at least some concept of ethnic culture when eating ethnic foods.

nettymus said...

"pink meat"... geez.... I hope he ate the "green blob" too....all of once!

Aaron Brown said...
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Aaron Brown said...

I deleted my previous comment, cause the link was way the crap to long, cause the Collegian must get paid per letter in URLs and web design...

As I was saying, we weren't the only one who thought that the Sushi review article was a piece of crap...

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