Friday, September 29, 2006

Denver Ho!

Here in a couple of minutes I will be heading out to Colorful Colorado to go play in a pre-season hockey tournament in Denver at the Bladium. I'll try to get one or two posts up over the weekend, but no guarantees.

Until then, discuss whether or not a successful football team is something that a college should strive for. Who(m)ever makes the best argument gets a point.


Big Red Lance said...

A college gains a lot of nationwide exposure when they have a good football team.

Just ask Kansas State administrators whether or not the school got a huge boost when the football team started to take off back in the 90's.

Same goes for once-mediocre Virginia Tech....and Boise State....and Miami of Ohio.

When I was in my first semester at K-State, Dean Bosco invited me to a special luncheon for out-of-state students. This group represented people from KSU's "Upper Midwest" area, which included Iowa, Minnesota, the Dakotas and a few others.

When he asked each person to list off the ways they found out about K-State, almost every one of us ten mentioned football in one way or another.

If Coach Bill hadn't turned things around back in the 90's, it's likely that at least a few of us in the room might never have heard of KSU or thought to go there.

I think having a good FB team is a very important thing.

--Big Red Lance

p.s. Have fun in Denver.

Ookami Snow said...

point Lance