Thursday, September 07, 2006

Political Pork

Political Pork is a local talk show that deals with current events here at K-State and around the world. One of the host is Republican and the other is Libertarian, and they both are pretty funny and unbiased. They usually have good points and they make some of the more boring topics of the current news worth listening about. Throw in a call from the frequent Liberal caller Joann, and you have one good hour of talk show.

For the last couple of years we would listen to Political Pork on K-State's radio station on the way to hockey practice on Mondays. Unfortunately hockey practice moved to Tuesday/Thursday so I have not had a chance to catch their shows.

Well who took the initiate to solve this problem? Thats right, I did. I have added a podcast of their show to the side bar on the right. Now you and I can enjoy their wit and charm any time that we want.

Your cheers flatter me.

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