Friday, September 02, 2005


Setting up chairs went very fast today, mainly because all the girl sports passed the sign up sheet amongst themselves even if they just showed up, so I didn't get to start setting up chairs until they were almost done (I got paid the same amount anyways ^_^). Well there were alot (x3 the amount from last year) of people there, so we got done in about an hour. In total there were seven people from the Hockey team that showed up (not too bad).

To follow up from yesterday's post, Sam's cookies were great as well as the bread that he made. He set the bar high for future seminar snacks, and next week I am supposed to be bringing them.

Well, I'm gonna reward my being up at this hour with some tea.

Guess what tomorrow is. (And the answer I am looking for is not K-State football, or Saturday, it is actually something 'special'.)

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