Saturday, September 03, 2005

K-State Football.

Welp, we just got back from the game. K-State won, and by 14, but not is all good in KSU land. Webb (#8) had a very rocky start, and did not play well until the second half... actually the whole offense didn't play well until the second half. Even though we only put together one drive it looks like we will have a lot of weapons to use on offense. Fisher (7) and Clayton (5) showed that our running game should pick up where it left off last year. We also have two pretty good wide receivers / kick returners in Figurs (16) and Moreira (10). I think that if Webb can get a little bit quicker on making decisions in his mind we should be pretty good off.
Our defense played very well and did not allow a drive for a touchdown, I know that we were playing a putz team, but our defense looked pretty good (although we only had pressure on the QB late in the game).
All-in-all it looks like this years team will be at least as good as last year's team, if not better.

I go shower now. (Pictures and video to come later today.)

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