Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Week 3 All-Stars

Pos Player Pts Team
QB D. Bledsoe 18 RedBurns
RB S. Alexander 33 &s
WR1 S. Smith 11 Snotknockers
WR2 H. Ward 9 Vampirates
WR3 T. Holt 8 Pillagers
TE R. Mcmichael 3 Steepers
K N. Rackers 12 Picklers
DEF Indianapolis 4 Kilters
DB J. Azumah 2 Picklers
DL1 K. Vanden 5 Steepers
DL2 R. Coleman 5 Kilters
Coach Pickle 100% Picklers

Total All-Stars so far:
RedBurns 6
Steepers 5
&s 4
Snotknockers 4
Eldars 4
Kilters 4
Vampirates 3
Picklers 3
Rebels 2
Pillagers 1


Big Red Lance said...

Wow, for having the most all-week performers, I don't have too great a W/L record to show for it. :)

Anonymous said...

so do you have something set up to calculate these point percentages? wouldn't be much fun if you did it all by hand each week.


Ookami Snow said...

Stat Tracker tells me what the optimal points should be (but I have to make a few adjustments when there are byes).

It maybe takes 30 minutes to get all the all-stars done.