Friday, September 16, 2005

Is the Firefox honeymoon over?

» George Ou | (article)

Firefox not only has more vulnerabilities per month than Internet Explorer, but it is now surpassing Internet Explorer for the number of exploits available for public download in recent months

My least favorite advertising is the "hey people don't put viruses on us!" type. Because what that really means is that no one cares about their software enough to hack it... so what they really are saying is "This is great because no one uses it", which really isn't an argument at all.

Personally I use Firefox, my two reasons are tabbed browsing, and a "blog this" option on a right click. If IE were to implement this I might stat to use them again (IE uses less system resources than Firefox).


Gina said...

Interesting blog. TFS

hockeyfrog said...

They also fail to mention that Firefox is always a programming experiment in progress, as well as the fact that yes, there may be vulnerabilities to it, but they're consistently fixing them too... there are many sites out there that will list vulnerabilities on browsers, and when they are updated with patches/fixes.. and time and time again, FF fixes its problems, while IE lets them sit there for a while until someone comes out with the next virus to exploit it.

Mike said...

Have you tried Crazy Browser (

or Opera? Opera is now free and ad-less, too.

Ookami Snow said...

Yeah i just saw that.

I am happy with FireFox for the time being. When the new IE comes out, I'll consider all the browers again.

But for now I'll do most of my surfing with el Caliente Fox.