Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Dwarfs face bulls in Mexico's mini-fights (article)

The unnerving thing in the bullring at this dusty central Mexican town is that bull and bullfighter are standing eye to eye, both about four feet high.
The Mexican "dwarf bullfighters" are carrying on a tradition born in Spain along with regular bullfighting, as well as an even longer legacy of "little people" as entertainers. But they say the ring showcases their skill and comic artistry, making them more than just a curiosity.
While the bullock is a constant danger, the show descends into comedy when two dwarf "picadors" enter the ring.
Instead of sitting on horses and spearing the bullock with spiked wooden pikes as in real bullfighting, the pair have fleecy pantomime-style dummy horses attached to their sides, providing padding, and their aim is to hit the animal with a squeezy plastic hammer.
"People laugh a lot at what we do, and that's the point, making the public laugh. It's very satisfying," said Jorge Reyes, 48, who shines shoes during the week and bullfights on the weekends for fun and extra money.

*Seriously, if you did not read the text above, you NEED too.

Oh yeah, that’s good stuff. Now only if we could get them to face off against the Cambodian Midget Fighting League...

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