Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Overland Park Storm Indoor Football Team

LeagueLineup.com (site)

Overland Park, Kansas will is the new home of the newly named Overland Park Storm (formerly the Kansas Storm) the Storm will bring a hard hitting action and high scoring brand of football to the Johnson County area. Along with the name change the Storm will bring on a new look and a new winning attitude to the APFL.

This last line made me laugh, because last year they got crushed by everyone in the league.
But it is good to see them back for next year (hopefully with some new players). Also Iowa Blackhawks will be back, as well as the Nebraska Bears (possibly in a new location in Nebraska), and the Koyotes. I would assume Wichita Aviators will be back as well, even though i have not heard anything to that effect.

Anyways, as it has been in the past, the next year for the APFL looks to be better than the last.

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