Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Orleans Saints.

One interesting thing that will develop from Hurricane Katrina is what the Saints will do, this year and in the future. As of now they are in San Antonio for the preseason, but it has become obvious that the Saints will not have a home to play in this year. So what do they do?
One thing that has been mentioned is that they could play their games at San Antonio. I think that the city will do everything in its power to get them to do so. They city is having problems with getting the MLS team announced a couple of months ago and I think they want to show everyone that they are a big city, so I think that they would love to host the Saints this year. And if they did I would consider going out there for a game, I think it would be quite fun.
Some other options are to have them play in Baton Rouge, or Alabama, or even Orlando. But the idea that I have just heard is by far the best (and I can't see this not going down). LA is in need of a football team. The Saints have nowhere to play short term, and long term the city of New Orleans will be hurting for quite some time. I bet after this year the Saints go to LA and the NFL promises to give New Orleans a team back in a couple of years, along with another new expansion team. This would solve LA's and the Saints problem in one move, and give a couple more cities the possibility of getting a team (San Antonio, Milwaukee, Las Vegas?). The plan is flawless.
(p.s. the LA team, formerly the Saints, should change their name, unless they wanted the new New Orleans team to be called the Hurricanes instead.)


hockeyfrog said...

Calling a team there right now the Hurricanes would just be pretty tactless. I could see it maybe in 5-10 years maybe.. but the place isn't going to be the same at all. Most of the history has been flooded out. I think at this point calling a team that there would be quite painful for a lot of people. Besides, who is going to be able to afford going to their games anyway?

Ookami Snow said...

That’s what I mean, in about 5 years when they would get a team back. Alot of sports teams are named after natural disasters that destroyed the city at one time, Chicago Fire, San Jose Earthquakes, etc.
I wouldn't go rename the Saints that right now, and unless the city of New Orleans wanted it, I would make the team change their name if they goto LA so that the city gets to keep the Saints (much like the Browns did).

The Math Ninja said...

That made me laugh. But is crazy what happened down there. And the comment about who would go? people! :) Not everyone is poor and lotsa people travel.