Wednesday, August 31, 2005

We went to Old Chicago last night. Had a pretty rockin time. Here is the low down.

The food is about the same price as Applebees, like always you have to look at what you are ordering, you cant just pick anything and expect to get a cheap dinner. The place inside is pretty good, they have a fair amount of TVs, but no trivia (What?), so that is minus some points. The wait wasn�t too bad, for basically opening night (it opened Monday, but the paper ran their article about them opening on Tuesday) we waited about an hour, the worst part is that there isn�t much room to wait, so we had to sit outside in the very hot sun.
The food is just like any other OCs, good. An although they serve Pepsi products I can overlook that because they bring out fresh a glass for each tea refill, which means that I get a new lemon for every glass of tea (yay!). One interesting thing that they did was split the appetizer between all three checks, which is handy, and good to know for future reference.
All in all, it is everything you can hope that OCs would be in Manhappinin. It adds one more good place to put on the restraint rotation.

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