Monday, August 15, 2005

'Stop stealing our F**king signs'

Ananova (article)

The mayor of an Austrian town called 'F**king' has appealed to British tourists to stop stealing the road signs.

The story is not really noteworthy, what I find interesting is that they censor the name of a place. Seriously, the place is named Fucking, that is the name. It is not a cuss word when it is used in this context. I *really* hope that we do not start censoring "offensive". Cause if they do, I might officially be called D*** on all my records.


nettymus said...

Did I ever tell you that wwhen I went to submit a poem on they wouldn't allow my to out my name Jenette Dick. I had to put Dickk and then edit it when they sent me the proof to be published. RETARDED!

hockeyfrog said...

Update on the stolen signs: